Saturday, 3 August 2013

Resistance Is Futile

Potentially I've gone slightly overboard here. For the past week I've been considering pre-ordering The Clash's upcoming Hits Back compilation for the rather superficial reason that it comes with a copy of the original set-list that Joe Strummer wrote. It's probably the worst example of my completist nature. I mean, it's just a greatest hits - I own all of these tracks physically already and in most cases it's multiple times. Although the idea of a replica set list (especially one written by Joe Strummer) was just too tempting. To be honest, I had already decided to buy it at some point when the price dropped anyway, I've just decided to not delay the inevitable. I know it's more than a little excessive but oh well. I mean - I've already got all their studio albums and I've still got Sound System on pre-order. I think I've already crossed the border into dedicated Clash buying territory to be perfectly honest. Besides - I'm hardly going to have many opportunities to look forward to upcoming Clash releases, I might as well make the most of them when they present themselves.

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