Sunday, 18 August 2013

Collection: Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits.

This is a shining example that sometimes it's the story behind an item that makes the item special. This particular one is the 1972 compilation Greatest Hits, by Simon & Garfunkel. It's just a standard copy, there's nothing noteworthy in that regard.What makes this mean that little bit more to me however is the stories attributed to it. How I acquired it for instance, but moreover what the potential symbolisation of that is. More on that in a minute. Then there's also the impact on my musical taste it has had. Then on the most basic of levels - the fact it was the first CD of theirs I had. Anyway, I mentioned earlier how I ended up with this CD is significant, to me at least. What happened was that I had been meaning to check Simon & Garfunkel some months back, after being a fan of Paul Simon for a number of years. It was as if fate then stepped in. About a week or so later a family friend came to see my mother. She had a CD with her, which contained a song she wanted her to hear. The CD? Simon & Garfunkel's greatest hits. I never did find out what the song was although because we were going through personal issues at the time, I've a sneaking suspicion it was Bridge Over Troubled Water. Mum already liked Simon & Garfunkel and because she knew I wanted to listen to them, she gave the CD to me. Naturally, I was pleased. I'm always looking to expand my music collection after all. I can remember listening to this for the first time so clearly - I was laying in bed. Mrs Robinson came on. I liked it, wasn't blown away but I wanted to keep listening all the same. Then a song called For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her started. By that point, it all became crystal clear. As crystalline as Art Garfunkel's beautiful vocal performance, which left me weeping (and that's not exaggerating). I could see why Dad had said for years about how great they were. From then on I was a fan. They've made some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. Even though a lot of the music is melancholic, it still is guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Paul Simon is a beautiful lyricist, and Art Garfunkel is a beautiful singer. The irony? I became a fan during very unhappy circumstances. Although in a way, it was those very circumstances that made me a fan. I mean my mum's friend giving us this CD most certainly acted as a catalyst. I might not be a fan if I didn't have to go through that particular situation. It's funny how things work out. I guess every time I look at this CD I'm reminded that even the darkest of circumstances can yield beautiful things.

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