Saturday, 3 August 2013

Town trip part I: I finally find a Clash badge!

Well, today was a record hunting day to remember, most definitely! For a variety of reasons, which I'm going to explain across two back to back posts. Anyhow, today I ventured into a place I'd never been before and did I discover a little gem! A few months ago I discovered the name of a record store called Dragon Records. It's in an area of the city center I don't typically go to and as such, I kept forgetting to go and check it out. Today, I finally did and it was well worth it! The store predominantly specializes in vinyl, so vinyl collectors in Belfast really need to check it out. As you know, I don't buy it myself (at least, not yet) so I wasn't looking at any vinyl to purchase. It had a lot of punk though so I did look to see what Clash goodies they had. They actually had a whole section dedicated to Clash 7" (also Sex Pistols too, and The Stranglers if memory serves me). Mostly the Capital Radio EP, London Calling, Tommy Gun if I remember correctly and I think Clash City Rockers also. They did have Trash City by Joe Strummer thrown in there too. When I turned around I saw a board on the wall with badges. I couldn't make them out at first but when I squinted. lo and behold there was this little gem. For £2, it was a given. I personally think it's adorable. It's the first time I've ever seen a Clash or Joe Strummer badge in any shape in town so it was something I just simply had to get. It was an excellent shop also with friendly staff and I definitely would go back again too!

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