Monday, 19 August 2013

Madonna MDNA Tour Pre-order

This is pretty important if you're a Madonna fan in the UK - her MDNA Tour DVD/Bluray can finally be pre-ordered on Amazon UK. So far, it seems the only way to obtain a CD containing the tour audio is via importing a DVD/CD version. Really, I'm not sure what's going on there. Getting the blu-ray for me though was the obvious choice. I've got two blu-ray players in my house though, and I want to utilize them.  I'll definitely get it on CD format in the future if possible but right now it's not feasible. The release date is September 9th, the same as The Clash's upcoming Sound System and Hits Back compilations. Both of which are on pre-order for me too. As you can imagine, that week is going to be manic for me. I've just pre-ordered the Blu-ray version for now, and that will do me just fine. Now that I have an order placed for it though, I can truly get excited to finally see her acclaimed MDNA tour for myself!

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