Monday, 5 August 2013

An update.

Hello all, just a update post. I'm still here and everything is fine, I'm just busy and suffering from a bad case of writers block - hence no posts for the past few days. I also watched Drive and Seven Pyschopaths yesterday, both excellent movies and I particularly enjoyed the latter. I've also been busy with and impromptu visit to a family friend's house. Also, I've discovered a new record store (called Track Records) has opened in Ballymena - a town situated aproximately forty minutes outside of Belfast. I haven't got a chance to go to it myself yet but me and my friends are planning to take a trip up to it very soon. The iPad situation still isn't resolved by the way - it's still in repair although I'm hoping tomorrow or Wednesday I should get news that the repair work has been completed. For the next few days new posts here may be few and far between - I want to work on drafting more posts and getting into the way of reviewing things again as I've been neglecting that end of things lately. I'll be back soon though!

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