Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Overlooked Gem: Joe Strummer - Sleepwalk

Now, for some music. There's plenty of indisputable Clash classics being posted today, and with great reason. They're terrific songs. The Clash were the collective results of four people though, and on Joe Strummer's birthday I wanted to do something a little different. I'm sharing a song with you that is more of a Joe Strummer solo effort. And what a beautiful song it is too! It's from 1989's much overlooked Earthquake Weather. I do really like that album, it's his only full length effort released in what was known as the wilderness years. It's long out of print, which is surprising. I hope that is rectified soon, especially as it contains hidden gems like Sleepwalk. For now though, it's a major release sadly absent from my own personal collection. Anyway, back to sleepwalk. Rather appropriately, it sounds like a lullaby. I can't quite work out if the song makes me happy, or slightly sad in a reflective way. Alias my thoughts on the song aren't really the purpose of this post. I'm sharing it more so to promote a very overlooked song in Joe Strummer's body of work. Also, can I say major kudos to the creator of the video that I've included in this post. They've done a beautiful chronological black and white overview of various clips from Joe's career. Most of the footage included in the video is amongst my all time favourite of him. It's just beautiful to watch. I'll be back later to continue the celebrations, stay tuned!

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