Monday, 11 March 2013

First Listen: Hurts - Exile

So literally in the last few moments I've just listened to Exile. It's the sophomore album by Hurts and was released today. Truth be told I didn't have high hopes for this - I hadn't actually heard Miracle but wasn't fond of The Road due to the dubstep (I don't like dupstep at all really). There is a few tracks on here - Sandman being a particular low point - but the best tracks are absolutely brilliant. Songs like Only You, Cupid, The Crow etc are of the standard of their self titled debut for me (which I really enjoyed). I didn't find Miracle as bad as people were making it out to be either. Granted its no Wonderful Life or The Water but its still a decent track. I'm pleased to say though that on first listen its far from my favourite track. Whether or not I play it as often as their debut in the long term, only time will tell but from this first play I've been left suitably impressed with Exile. Definitely a lot better than I was expecting. I think I'll be purchasing Exile yet really. I can see myself giving this frequent airings over the coming weeks and months, and if I still enjoy it on subsequent plays as much as I have first time round, this will be featuring quite highly in my albums of the year list come the end of 2013!

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