Sunday, 24 March 2013

Joy Division - No Love Lost (Original version)

This is one of my favorite Joy Division songs, although it's definitely not one of their more known songs. Two versions of No Love Lost exist - the original version and then a rerecorded one. The original version is the more commonly known version and was recorded in December 1977. It was recorded specifically (in the group's second recording session) for their first release - the An Ideal For Living EP. It was also subsequently released on the Substance compilation and the Heart and Soul boxset. In May 1978 the song was rerecorded for inclusion on their proposed debut album (which was shelved). This was then released with various other early recordings on Warsaw. Out of the two versions - I prefer the original by far. As it was first recorded in 1977 it does have all the hallmarks of a punk song. As such its not quite as atmospheric as much of the material on the group's two studio albums. Although the introduction of the track does show a band evolving away from mere punk style music, I think. If I'm being honest I find it more atmospheric than the second version - which sounds a little bit too polished for me. The second version also contains lyrics not found in the original but it omits the highlight of the track. What makes No Love Lost (and what gives the original version its atmospheric edge over the second for me) is the spoken part. The spoken parts of the song have been lifted from the book The House of Dolls: the same book that introduced the band to the term Joy Division. It's certainly a unique element in a Joy Division track and I do love Ian's voice as he recites it. Initially I thought this was pretty much forgotten unless you are a fan of the group although LCD Sound-system and The Horrors have both covered the track. In any case No Love Lost is a great and underrated Joy Division track!

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