Monday, 11 March 2013

Northern Ireland's Musical History: The Stone Roses ticket

I particularly love this, as The Stone Roses are one of my absolute favourite bands. I wasn’t even born when this show took place either, although I do live very near the now defunct Maysfield Leisure Centre. It used to be quite a common venue for concerts before we got the Odyssey Arena in the early 00's. Anyhow, this was their penultimate British/Irish date before a five year hiatus from touring until 1995 (their last one was at Glasgow Green which is regarded as one of their finest shows). Pretty much all the members of the band though would come back to Belfast as part of the various other musical projects they were involved in after The Stone Roses disbanded however. The reunited band were one of last year’s headliners at Tennant’s Vital. I hope they’re back in Belfast soon!

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