Saturday, 9 March 2013

Northern Ireland's Musical History: Nirvana - Drain You (Live in Belfast)

For my first post about Northern Ireland’s musical history I’ve decided to go with this one. It’s Nirvana - one of my favourite bands - playing Kings Hall in Belfast on June 22nd, 1992. A little under two years before I was born. The whole concert exists on Youtube, much to my suprise as I don’t find Belfast bootlegs the easiest to track down, especially of older concerts. I chose Drain You though to share with you as I feel that’s an underrated song from Nevermind. The quality is actually pretty decent too its a recording from the audience but compared to some other bootlegs I’ve heard its really not bad. I wonder if a video recording of this concert exists in full. Short clips of Stay Away, Polly and Blew have been broadcast on MTV Europe and also Spanish TV. I know also a clip of the ending of the show was featured in the Irish documentary Behind The Scenes with Nirvana but I haven’t been able to find that. Anyhow, I love this little slice of history!

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