Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Miniature Tigers - Sex On The Regular

This is one of my favorite new discoveries in terms of bands. Well - I can't say that I discovered them exactly. It was actually a very good friend of mine that recommended them to me. I'm so glad she recommended them to me because they are an excellent band. My favorite song of theirs so far is Sex On The Regular. It's the opening track on their latest album, last year's Mia Pharoh (I recommend the album heartily too.) A word of warning before we go any further - the song has lyrics that are.... just a tad on the sexual side, shall we say. They don't leave much to the imagination, so lyrical analysis simply isn't required for this particular song. It's funny though because the arrangement of the song was so good I didn't seem to grasp just how sexual the lyrics were until I re-read them for the purposes of this post. If those sort of lyrics aren't your thing then you might want to look elsewhere. It's not the lyrics I like this for though - its the irresistible arrangement/melody. As I mentioned earlier I didn't even realize just how sexual the lyrics were at first and the arrangement is precisely the reason why. The arrangement reminds me an awful lot of Holiday by Madonna actually (although it is far from a direct copy). Listen carefully and you might pick it up too. I did a quick check online and it doesn't appear to be credited as an official sample or anything so I guess it's just a similarity. The other similarity comes in the vocals: for me the vocal performance sounds a little like Prince although that could be just me. I just love the vintage flourishes of the arrangement. It's by far the most retro sounding song on Mia Pharoh though and even then it has a very modern sheen. Excellent song by an excellent band.

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