Monday, 11 March 2013

Tv Show findings: Talking Heads - Pyscho Killer (Old Grey Whistle Test)

So, in the last few days I watched New York Rock at the BBC. Unfortunately I couldn't watch it all - it was on rather late and I had stuff to do the next day which meant I had to get up earlier. The part that I did see did feature some excellent performances from New York Dolls, Lou Reed and The Ramones but my favourite had to be Talking Heads, who are one of my favourite bands. Pyscho Killer isn't my favourite Talking Heads track by a long shot but I actually prefer this version to the original: just listen to that bass playing from Tina Weymouth! This performance was from 1978 in support of their Talking Heads: 77 album and they also performed Don't Worry About The Government on the same show. For me, the ending of this performance just shows what a tight band they are musically. A bit of a non post I know, but I just thought I would share this with you.

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