Saturday, 9 March 2013

Weird thing I noticed in The Essential Clash..

In the last few days I recieved my copy of The Essential Clash DVD, so I was watching it a few days ago. Its a good DVD, but there was something weird about it I noticed that - judging by reviews - seems to have gone by largely unoticed. The DVD contains their promo videos (not that they made many), one of them being for the song White Riot. The footage of that was shot in Beaconsfield. They also performed two other songs in that particular performance, these being 1977 and London's Burning. Fair enough. These two songs are included as bonus features, yet for some messed up reason White Riot is included again too, even though it was part of the main feature of the DVD? Why on earth is it on the same DVD twice? It's bad enough when same footage is re released on the same DVD but to happen on the actual same disc.... that's so strange!

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