Monday, 25 March 2013

Pet Shop Boys - The Last To Die (Debut performance)

Well in the last few days Pet Shop Boys commenced their new Electric tour in Mexico. Even more excitingly, they debuted two new pieces of music: an original track entitled Axis and finally the emergence of the Bruce Springsteen cover they've referenced a number of times: the cover is of Last To Die although for one reason or another Pet Shop Boys have called their version "The Last To Die". It's obviously hard to digest everything in a track from a fan recording but from first listen this does sound like a good cover. I will admit that I wasn't bowled over by it although fan recordings virtually never show a track off to its full potential. Having said that I did really like the chorus. Even if I do find it rather hard to get a good grasp of a song when listening to unprofessional recordings (especially when they're the only sources available at a certain point in time). That said Pet Shop Boys have always been consistent when it comes to covering songs so I don't see why The Last To Die should be any different - it actually sounds reminiscent of The Killers in a way based on the recording I heard. I would never have expected them to cover Bruce Springsteen though so I would be interested to hear just what made them cover it. I wonder if it was a potential update to U2's Where The Street's Have No Name cover that they did although The Last To Die doesn't even have half of the pomp their U2 cover did. In any case the pictures that I've seen from Electric tour (not to mention the set list) seem to suggest its yet another high quality show from a most terrific live act!

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