Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Random Thoughts: To buy or not to buy?

This one isn’t a review as such, more just a random discussion. I was in town last week, and happened to stumble across this. That in itself was a suprise. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and trust me, rare records are truely rare here. I can’t even get a Clash poster here, which makes this find really suprising. Apparently, its rare and unreleased studio recordings - which is the first thing that puzzles me because Love Kills was featured on the Sid & Nancy soundtrack so I wouldn’t say its rare. Unless the manufacturers of this say its rare because it was never on any studio album or anything. I’m pretty sure most of the tracks on this were soundtrack material to be honest. According to Discogs, its rare. 500 copies to be exact supposedly. I have utterly no idea though if this is official or not, Discogs says it is but I really have no idea. So I can’t decide if I should get this or not, if it’s a bootleg I think I’ll just leave it and hope I can track down the recordings on a CD (even an unofficial one). If its official though I may just get it because trust me, stuff like this is rare in Northern Ireland.

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