Saturday, 30 March 2013

Things I've been doing this week: The Ramones.

 I've only listened to punk for about a year. I started off with the two obvious bands: Sex Pistols and The Clash. I ventured off into trying out other bands such as Stiff Little Fingers and X-Ray Spex. One band that I didn't try out though was one of the key punk bands - The Ramones. Until recently. In the last few days I've decided to do an album a day of theirs until I've listened to all of their studio albums. So far I've heard their first two albums. It's funny because a lot of the songs have a very similar sound, but there's something very likeable about their music for me. It's just so catchy and there's no faffing about - it gets straight to to the point and bang. Boom. Next track. It's a refreshing change when you listen to a lot of dance music which often feels like it takes forever to get going. I've listened to The Ramones and Leave Home. Of the two, I definitely prefer Leave Home. The Ramones did get really samey for me as a whole album (although I liked most of the songs) but on Leave Home you can hear a definite progression in sound. Having said that I've yet to hear the albums that feature my favorite Ramones songs so far - like Rockaway Beach for instance - so I've a feeling I'm going to enjoy their subsequent albums even more!

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