Friday, 15 March 2013

The Clash - London Calling (25th Anniversary Edition)

After wanting this since about June time of 2012, I finally have London Calling! Head and HMV sell this, but not the 25th anniversary version which was the specific edition I wanted. The reason I wanted it was because the 30th anniversary edition (which came out in 2009) is identical except it doesn't feature the bonus Vanilla Tapes disc which is in the 25th Anniversary version. Vanilla Tapes is basically a demo tape. The DVD is good, there's a 30 minute documentary on the making of London Calling that has brilliant footage of the band in the studio recording the album. As for the album itself? From the music down to the Elvis Presley inspired cover art (the font was a homage to one of his albums) it really is iconic. For me its one of their best albums and I enjoy it more everytime I listen to it: there's so many musical styles which is a common thing amongst Clash albums.

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