Monday, 8 July 2013

Bad news but good clips

Evening all. It's piping hot here in Belfast but I haven't got out in the sunshine yet. Mostly due to some bad news: late last night my 1TB HD died for no apparent reason. I know that sounds like not a huge deal but to me it's one of my most crucial electrical devices. It contained no personal files thankfully but it did contain about 600GB worth of music, movies, TV shows, documentaries... all media stuff. In fact most of what I write about on this blog has been material I've downloaded onto that HD to try out. It still could be a power issue but if not I will need to purchase a new HD.

On this plus side I watched two very interesting interviews. Once again, both of these aired on Sky Arts about a week ago (back to back actually). They're both from the same series too. Firstly, we have the Talks With Dave Fanning edition that features The Killers. Well - Brandon Flowers and Mark Stoermer. The interview originally took place around 2007. What I love about the interview (about both really) is that Dave Fanning clearly undertakes extensive research before carrying out an interview. For instance, he asked about the circumstances surrounding the unreleased track Where Is She? Other topics included the contrast between the band's musical influences and the area they grew up in; the dominance of a more Springsteen/American influenced sound on Sam's Town and how quickly the band experienced massive success. Sadly, I can't find a video of it to post here, at least one with embedding options. It seems to be available in bits on Youtube though so have a look because it's definitely worth watching!

The other interview was with another group I especially love: Pet Shop Boys. It was done to promote the release of Fundamental, so it's also around the 2006/2007 mark. I'm almost certain this was 2006 though. Once again it was another very well researched interview. Even Neil commented on that actually. Topics discussed this time around included Madonna, fame in general and how Pet Shop Boys fit in with gay culture. They even discussed in some detail the plans they had for the travelling music festival that consisted of nothing but gay musicians that ultimately never happened. It's another really interesting interview that's well worth watching.

So that's it for today, hopefully tomorrow I'll finally go into town. I also ordered Retro and Bestival 2012 both by New Order today so that's something good at least. I'll be back soon.

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