Thursday, 25 July 2013

Good news, better news etc.

Evening all, an unexpected post (full of admittedly minor things) before I roll out an old Pet Shop Boys post from the old blog. Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays will most likely be the days designated for such posts - and I think Thursdays will be album review day. There's only one place to start obviously - with the debut album, so Please will be getting reposted very soon.

Anyhow, the good news is that the iPad is fixable and will be fixed by no later than next Thursday. I cannot tell you the relief that brings. And also of note today I've been getting followed by The Clash. Now I do wish that was a literal comment but this is the next best thing. I was in the car going out somewhere and there was a phone in to select the last track of the radio show. The two candidates being Chris De Burgh's Lady In Red and White Riot by The Clash. No prizes for guessing what would have got my vote. Alias I didn't get a chance to hear which got played in the end because my car journey simply wasn't long enough. My family have a sneaking suspicion that because it was BBC Radio Ulster it would have been Lady In Red. I sincerely hope not. Anyhow, when I got into the car on the way home my Dad informed me that Ralph McLean had been featuring tracks from Sound System as he'd received a sampler of it. Dad also told me he spoke very highly of it and played Rock The Casbah and I Fought The Law. I did also manage to catch Straight To Hell too. Funnily enough Dad was telling me about Ralph McLean's comments just as I turned the page in this weeks NME and found a micro feature on The Clash. Needless to say, all this is making me even more excited for Sound System - I dread to think what I'll be like in the week or so leading its release.

That's my brief little post done and dusted - I'm off now to make any needed amendments to that old post and then publish it here, stay tuned!

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