Friday, 5 July 2013

Joy Division collectio

Evening all (well, early morning really). I'm working on getting this post done tonight because it's been on my to-do list and I'll be in town tomorrow record buying. I'm basically spacing my posts out.

Anyway - this as you can tell is my Joy Division collection. I've been a fan for two years and they weren't an easy band to get into. Initially I only listened to them because they were the band which New Order stemmed from. At first their style of music totally wasn't for me. Although after watching a live performance I got them. Then, I was a fan. Of course the band's story was also highly interesting - one of the great music tragedies really. Hence why you see all the books there. I have both studio albums, Heart & Soul, Substance, the double disc edition of The Best of Joy Division, Still, Control and Joy Division documentary DVDs, two magazines and four books. The book count would hopefully be five if I can find a copy of An Ideal for Living that's in good condition.

As you can tell my collection is somewhat beyond what a mere casual fan would have. I'm a big fan of Joy Division and really most of these releases I'd only recommend to big fans. Heart & Soul for instance. Really, the most essential Joy Division items for me are the two studio albums, Substance, the Joy Division documentary DVD and if you want a good biography on Ian Curtis my choice is Torn Apart. Peter Hook's book does come recommended though as does the Kevin Cummin's photography book. I guess with a band like Joy Division it's easy to want everything because they are addictive and there's definitely a mystique to them. It just makes the various CDs, books, DVDs, etc seem more alluring I think

I'm also missing stuff. Although really, there's nothing that I can't wait for for. Warsaw is the main priority and I would love Les Bains Douches, although that's becoming increasingly hard to find. Bootleg wise I'm not overly interested - a lot of officially released live recordings are bad sound quality because of the way they were recorded. The bootlegs would be even worse (although the Paradiso one was a gem). I'll take it slow though, there's so much Joy Division out there you really need to be careful with them!

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