Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Order order (ahem) is here.

So, my other Amazon order arrived yesterday but I couldn't post it last night because I had to take care of some personal business. It's also a few days late because the postal service wasn't operating here for a few days. In any case, I'm just glad they've arrived. They're the Retro boxset and the newly released Live At Bestival 2012 album. I've been itching to get Retro for a while and I streamed their Bestival performance as it happened last year and absolutely loved it. I was utterly thrilled to discover they were releasing a live album. Also it's important to note that all the profit made from the album goes to charity, so it's definitely a worthwhile purchase for New Order fans. I'll be back later as I want to do a proper review post before I go out for the day (Thursday being my busy day and what have you).

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