Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Updates and unforunate events

Afternoon (or early evening should that be?) all. As I wait for the potential thunderstorm to drench Belfast - which will hopefully fix that horrible humidity I've got a few bits of news. Firstly, bad news. Last night I had a freak accident with my iPad Mini and I've cracked the screen rather badly. As you could imagine to say I'm upset is an understatement - especially after the USB port jamming and the power cable failure of my external hardrive. It's incredibly bad luck to say the least; then again I've always had bad luck with electrical appliances. Thankfully early research online all comes to the same conclusion: that it's just surface glass damage and thus is easily repaired. The first two problems were easily fixed so I'm hoping this is more of the same. It won't effect the day to day functioning of this blog but I may be unable to post on some days on the blog whilst I seek out a suitable repair facility. We've a few options to investigate so hopefully I'll know more within the coming days. As I keep saying there's a certain Clash boxset on pre-order for me and unexpected financial demands at this rather close stage to its release is something I really don't need. Depending on the price I may just have to wait until after Sound System, but it all depends. Once I got more news I'll be sure to post it here.

Also - I've got two blog announcements to make. Firstly, some of you may (or may not) be aware that I had a Pet Shop Boys blog before this one. It was called A Very Pet Shop Boys World. I decided to cease posting on that blog so I could move to what I hope is a more professional and varied blog here. Although I don't want to delete the posts on that blog. I've decided that over the coming months each of the posts on that blog will be rolled out onto here. My writing style has changed so much since those very early posts on the Pet Shop Boys blog thus I will be tweaking them and adding new arguments and observations I've made. It'll be integrated in with other posts of course - I don't want to spam the blog out with just Pet Shop Boys stuff

The other thing I'm going to introduce to my blog is a series of posts discussing songs that are important to me either in my personal life, or are tied to a memory in some way. They're not supposed to be reviews of the songs, hence why I'm offering this explanation. I'm drafting up the first post in this series at the moment and all being well it should be posted on Friday which is most likely going to be the designated day for all posts in this little series. Until then though I have another post as I want to make later on tonight so take care and I'll see you then!

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