Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Classic album)

Good afternoon/early evening. Summertime is definitely back here in Belfast, perfect weather for the annual Pride parade which took place today. I didn't go into town yesterday, so I'm hoping to do that on Monday. I'm actually listening to Tango In The Night by Fleetwood Mac which is pretty apt for this post. I love that album, I'm going to pick it up when I'm in town in nine days from now picking up Electric by Pet Shop Boys on release day.

Anyhow, last night I watched yet another documentary I had recorded from Sky Arts. This time, it was the Rumors edition of Classic Albums which was originally broadcast in 1997. There's been a-lot of Fleetwood Mac on TV lately which is always welcome. I've still got more to watch yet actually. Anyhow, I've seen a few Classic Albums but so far this has to have been the best one I've seen. I was expecting the documentary to be interesting because there's so much history surrounding the recording of Rumors. I mean the inner turmoil that dogged the band during the recording sessions makes listening to them retelling the story themselves always interesting. What was especially brilliant about this particular documentary was how it made me look at the music in a different light though. Tracks are dissected, more often than not elements are separated in the studios by the band. It allows for things such as rhythm lines etc to be played in total isolation and it makes you appreciate and marvel at the finer details of Rumors far more. My personal highlight was Lindsey Buckingham dissecting one of my personal favorite Fleetwood Mac tracks, Second Hand News. The track had so many elements that I had never even considered before and it's just made me love it all the more. The whole documentary is so worth watching though and it just underscores that the music on Rumors is stunning, regardless of the circumstances it was recorded in. Well worth watching!

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