Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More album testing

So, more album testing today. That means only one thing: more thoughts below.

Continuing on with my Blondie exploration I listened today to arguably their most famous album: Parallel Lines. Technically it's not a new album for me - I had begun listening to it last year. I loved One Way Or Another and Hanging On The Telephone but the next three tracks bored the life out of me. By track five I  was utterly bored and stopped listening. I have to admit that definitely didn't happen today, I actually liked it this time around! Other new favorites I found were Pretty Baby and I'm Gonna Love You Too. Significantly even Heart of Glass grew on me tenfold. Previously that song had left me with a bad initial impression of Blondie because it used to grate on me so much. In any case Parallel Lines is another most enjoyable album. I've liked all their albums so far - despite not having found one that I could class amongst my all time favourite albums. It's still very early days though and I've got another three more recent albums to check out (not forgetting Debbie Harry's solo material either). I'll be very interested to see how each album grows on me because it's still very much at a tentative state.

The other album I listened to today was The Ramones' fourth studio album, Road To Ruin. A few months ago I started listening to The Ramones and working through their back catalogue in chronological order. Needless to say, I only managed three albums. Criminal I guess because their albums are ridiculously short in length. In any case, I do have to say I think Road To Ruin has been the weakest Ramones album I've heard so far. I did like the more mature sounding songs such as Don't Come Close. I did found new songs I loved such as I'm Against It and Bad Brain. It was just the more punk songs sometimes felt flat; a case of same old, same old really. Their fifth album is said to have a more mature direction all round though, so I've actually got high expectations of it!

I've been on a new music binge lately as you can tell - I've been needing to spend a little more time listening to new music actually. I may be back with another post later, not sure though. See you soon whatever happens though!

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