Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Pet Shop Boys single announced (and some tour attendance chatter)

Afternoon all, just a brief (and unexpected) post to make before I watch the last two episodes in Season 1 of Six Feet Under. A great show, by the way. Anyhow - this post is yet another Pet Shop Boys post. I apologize for the onslaught of them on my blog as of late but as it is a new album I hope you can oversee the high frequencies.

In any case the news is rather big: new single announcement! The new single is Love Is A Bourgeois Construct and it will be released on September 2nd. I'm pleased at the single choice: it's the most typically sounding Pet Shop Boys track on Electric for me. What has pleased me even more though is that B-sides have made a comeback! There will also be remixes of course, but as of yet no announcement of any - according to the official site they'll be coming soon. The two new songs are Entschuldigung and Get It Online. The former means "sorry" or "excuse me" in German and it's written as an apology to German fans that they're unable to speak their language despite spending a lot of time in Germany. It sounds like it's going to be a very humorous song but as of the moment, that's all that is known about it. Absolutely nothing is known about Get It Online whatsoever - although I'm wondering if it's written in response to the act of illegal downloading. After all - they've made no secret of their very strong dislike for such behavior. There will be a CD single, 12" and digital formats. Unfortunately I won't be able to order it on release - Sound System by The Clash is only a week later and I do want to save up before it's release. However I'm hoping to order it very soon after Sound System.

With the announcement of even more new tracks (they're really spoiling us this year), the high acclaim Electric has received and it becoming the most successful Pet Shop Boys album since Very in the UK album charts, it's really a great time to be a Pet Shop Boys fan. For me, this is the best year since becoming a fan in 2010 by far. The cherry on top of this already delicious cake would be if they announced a Belfast date. Unlikely as they have only played here once - during 1991's Performance tour. They haven't announced a tour date for Dublin yet either (most likely where I'd see them) so as of the moment attending the Electric tour is very much unknown. Going to Dublin means I'm actually going into another country, and it's not cheap in the Republic of Ireland. It would actually be double - perhaps even triple - the cost of them playing Belfast once accommodation, travel etc are factored in. And that's even if I can make it to Dublin.  For reasons far too personal to discuss on this blog there's a very real chance I will simply be unable to see them this tour at all, due to circumstances beyond my control. Believe me, not something I'm happy about but I can't help it. Sometimes these things happen - and hopefully I'll be able to see them in a subsequent tour.

I hate to end posts on a down note - especially because I'm not down. At the end of the day I'm just grateful that they're still even recording music after near 32 years together. Many of my favourite artists: The Clash, Joy Division, Nirvana for starters simply cannot do that. And not only are they still recording music together, they've just released what I feel is one of their best albums ever. I can't ask for more. As I said before, going to see them live would just be the finishing touch to an amazing year. I don't need to see them live to appreciate what a damn good album Electric is. Connection with the music is what matters to me. Consider this: I'm as big a Joe Strummer fan as you're likely to find amongst 19 year old girls. I became a fan knowing full well I'll never see the man with my own two eyes. And yet, he's become one of the biggest inspirations in my life. So yeah, perhaps no gig; but definitely no love for the music lost. It's all good. I'll be back with more posts later!

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