Sunday, 14 July 2013


Evening all - I type this as I watch The Killers live from T In The Park. Great concert so far - I'll post my full thoughts on it tomorrow.

This isn't a sound of the week post as such - heat and being busy in general has left me unable to concentrate on my music, books and TV. As such the only real album I've actually listened to this week in full was Very by Pet Shop Boys earlier. I'm starting to get excited for Electric tomorrow - still hard to believe there's another new album coming so soon after Elysium.

One track that has grown on me so much lately though is A Different Point of View. I love the Very album in general and I've always liked A Different Point Of View. However it's grown on me so much and now I can say I love it. It's surely one of the most bombastic tracks they've ever made - and one of the most extreme examples of their trademark happy music with sad lyrics style. I actually think it would have been a great single in all honesty - that nearly came to fruition too I believe.

That's all for now really - tomorrow will be a very busy day as I have Electric to pick up. You can expect my first listen reactions of course. I've also got other CDs coming tomorrow too but I'll post more about them then. Stay tuned!

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