Friday, 26 July 2013

Mixed weather, mixed albums.

Evening all, just a brief post for now. My album testing today was as mixed as the weather we're getting. Over here in Belfast we're fluctuating between sunshine and rain, although still no thunderstorm for me yet. I hope it comes soon to clear the air. In better news my iPad might be able to get fixed sooner than I thought - within days hopefully. I'll be sure to fill you in on any updates.

So - the first thing I did this morning (I'm not kidding there) was Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA. Only the second album in full I've heard of his and my primary reason for listening to it was because of the title track. I'd heard Dancing In The Dark before too but I couldn't remember how it went until re-listening to the album. I have to say that, if anything, I enjoyed it even more than Born To Run! Both absolutely excellent albums. I can't resist putting my fist in the air when I hear those opening chords of Born In The USA. New found favourites though (not counting my rediscovered love for Dancing In The Dark) were Glory Days, I'm On Fire and No Surrender. I have to say that two albums down and I've liked - and more often than not loved - every track on both. I'm glad to say that Bruce Springsteen is exceeding my very high expectations I had of him, if anything! As for the next album I'm thinking of going right up to date and listening to his most recent effort, Wrecking Ball. I do know a few tracks from it already and I love them, I'm hoping the rest of the album delivers the same!

Now.... for the one that didn't go quite as well. I have to say Plastic Letters is by far the worst Blondie album I have heard thus far. It was listenable - but half of the tracks just passed me by without leaving no impact. By the time I had finished the following track I had already forgotten the one I had listened too prior more often than not. I did like some of the songs - and I particularly loved one, that being I'm On E. Other favourites were Denis, (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear; Kidnapper and Cautious Lip. That was pretty much it really. What also did help was that every song seemed to have the exact same sound so it just all sort of merged into one. It actually felt like a regression following their debut and a far cry from the quality of subsequent albums. I've now listened to all their early albums - it's now post reunion albums for me from here on out. I think Panic of Girls will be the next album of theirs I listen too. I'll be very interested to see what I make of their upcoming album, Ghosts of Download (very interesting title, I think). In any case I'm not phased by the fact I didn't enjoy Plastic Letters, although the only way I'd ever buy it was if I became so addicted to Blondie I bought all their albums - in which case I'd buy it for completion.

So, that's today's new listens. The lack of an iPad (where I keep my CD collection) is making listening to my collection a little bit trickier. That issue should be resolved soon though hopefully. I've also found a great remix today that I will share with you all tomorrow, it's absolutely excellent. See you then!

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