Saturday, 6 July 2013

Simon & Garfunkel - Live From NYC 1967 (First Impressions)

So, I've listened to a few new albums today. Two of Blondie, and this live album by Simon & Garfunkel. I've still got a few more official releases of theirs to listen too, mostly live. For whatever reason I started off with this live recording from New York, in 1967. At this point in their career they had released three studio albums: Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme being the most recent. Interestingly though the setlist for the concert definitely concentrates more on their first two albums. Truthfully told they're my least favorite albums of Simon & Garfunkel (although I still really like both of them). That doesn't take away from the excellence of this performance though. Their live performances are so good that songs I hadn't cared for previously often take on new life when performed live. An example from Live From New York City is He Was My Brother which I particularly loved here. The only song that I really wish was performed live was April Come She Will, because it's probably my favorite song of the first two albums. Although they have so many great songs it's just a minor qualm for me. It's also always very charming for me to hear the between songs chat, when there is any. Mostly due to my age. It's amazing hearing them talk as young men, still probably very much unaware of the legacy they'd leave behind. It's also quite stark that within three years from this performance it'd be all over. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed listening to this. And because it's on Amazon for a very cheap £3.87 (bargain!), I'll almost certainly add it to my CD collection. An excellent performance.

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