Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Albums I've Listened To Today, Part I.

Good evening all. It's an exciting night for music fans here tonight: the legendary Bruce Springsteen himself is taking to the Kings Hall for an outdoor concert that promises to be very special indeed. The Kings Hall wouldn't be our main concert venue (at least, not anymore) which makes his performance there a surprise but one that's most welcome. Belfast needs more gigs and it's great to see a true legend here. I've actually got a number of very close relatives at the show because my family are rather big Bruce fans. As for me, I've got a passing interest. I don't know very much about his work at all but what I do know I love. He's definitely another artist on my very long list that needs investigating, although I already have utmost respect for him.

In any case, I took a craving for some new music today after been lazy with it the last few days. The first album I decided to listen to was Blondie's Autoamerican. You know, I think Blondie are finally cracking with me. They've grown on me so much. I should have expected as much - some of my favourite bands such as Joy Division were slow burners. In any case, I think this is my favourite Blondie album that I've heard thus far, although I haven't heard them all yet. I think age has definitely helped my appreciation of it too: like I can actually appreciate how ahead of its time a song like Rapture was. I also loved the variety of styles on the album: I can now definitely see why so many people in online forums and the like praised Blondie's variety of sounds. I've got a feeling the only way is up from here on out!

Second of all - very appropriately too - was Born To Run. I've been meaning to listen to this for a few months and I figured there wouldn't be a more appropriate time than today. I had very high expectations for this because it's a classic album and my relatives would rank this amongst their all time favourites. I have to say I really enjoyed it! I already really liked Born to Run and particularly Jungleland. From listening to the album though I found myself loving She's The One and Thunder Road just as much. I actually really liked all the songs. Also, listening to the album in that glorious sunshine that we're still having just made an already excellent set of songs sound like an even bigger breath of fresh air. The perfect soundtrack really. The next album I'm going to listen to next is Born In The USA - expectations once again high!

That's me done for the moment - although I still have two albums to post about which I'll do later. For now I'm going to give my laptop a much needed break, I'll be back later!

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