Saturday, 27 July 2013

First listen: Blondie - Panic of Girls

Afternoon all - the repair place isn't open today so no repaired iPad until Monday. Oh well, at least I have a more definitive date now. This post is a little bit different from usual - only one new album tested today but after this I have an anniversary post to make and then there's that excellent remix I discovered yesterday to share with you. As a footnote to this introduction, I also found two Clash bootlegs last night that I've been trying to hunt down for a while: Street Rats and Lost Treasures. I can't wait to listen to them and I'm sure they'll feature on this blog at some point.

Anyhow, the only new album that I listened to today was Blondie's most recent offering, Panic Of Girls. After being left underwhelmed with Plastic Letters yesterday I was hoping that Panic of Girls in particular would deliver. I have to say that it's become my favourite album of theirs so far! I really liked Panic Of Girls. I had never heard any of the tracks before so it was all new to me but my favourite tracks on first listen were Mother, Girlie Girlie and Wipe Off My Sweat. I liked all the songs though - even my least favourite tracks on the album I still feel are pretty good, just not quite as good as the others. The album was also very varied too, something I felt that was lacking on Plastic Letters. It's my first of their post-reunion albums that I've heard and if the other albums are as good as this I'll definitely be more of a fan of post-reunion Blondie I think. I definitely want to purchase Panic Of Girls now - I think I'll get the fan pack magazine edition of it most definitely. The quality of Panic Of Girls has made me all the more eager to hear the upcoming Ghost Of Download, very much looking forward to it now!

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