Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sound of The Week

Early evening everyone. I was working on this earlier but I got delayed thanks to the Wimbledon final. Firstly - congratulations to Andy Murray. I'm a Nadal fan first and foremost and was hoping Djokovic would win. Having said that, Murray was simply better on the day and thus his victory was deserved. I certainly can remember the excitement I felt when Nadal won his first Wimbledon title five years ago now.

Anyhow, this sound of the week post once again comes with two new musical discoveries. Firstly, the discovery thanks to Glastonbury 2013. You always come away wanting to investigate at least one artist, don't you? For me Glastonbury was the introduction to one of my most favorite acts of all - Pet Shop Boys. Forever grateful. Anyway, what we have here is a little bit older: Chic's Good Times. I've been familiar with the names Chic and Nile Rodgers for years. I knew Le Freak and I'd been aware of some of Nile Rodgers work with Duran Duran, Madonna, David Bowie etc. I'd actually briefly toyed with the idea of listening to more Chic too... should have followed that one through really. I heard this when one of the Glastonbury coverage programs played a segment of live footage of it. I loved it and it's made me keen to check out their back catalogue. I'll be sure to post a follow up post once I listen to more of them!

The other sound of the week has surprised me even more in all honesty. It's Atomic by Blondie. This one has surprised me because I did try to get into them a few months ago. It just wasn't working. At all - in fact I had all but given up on getting into them. I loved songs such as Hanging On The Telephone and One Way Or Another but Denis and Heart Of Glass just weren't for me. I had resigned the whole group to that status until I heard Atomic. I must admit it's made me go back and reevaluate Blondie. I've heard two albums at the minute: The Hunter and Eat To The Beat. Both of which I've actually rather liked! They're definitely more varied than I initially gave them credit for I must admit. From what I've heard I definitely think I'm going to like their later material. I could even see myself really liking their most recent effort, Panic of Girls. Definitely going to be an interesting listening experience though!

So that's it for this week. Tomorrow sees the release of New Order's Bestival live set so I will definitely be ordering that. I'm still waiting the delivery of Jessie Ware's album through my doorstep too. It's due this week I think so if it's not here I'll definitely email the seller. Expect to hear more from me before then though!

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