Thursday, 11 July 2013

Good news and a brief update

Evening all, just a brief post for today. I come with excellent news: the spare power lead was brought over today. As it turns out - it was just a power issue (what we were hoping for). Now, the hardrive is absolutely fine again and totally in working order. All files are present and correct. I cannot tell you the relief that brings. I have 600GB of music, movies, TV shows, concerts and documentaries on that thing. Needless to say, I'm delighted that it's back.

The real core of this post though is what I've spent the last hour or so doing. I was having a much needed catch up session with Mario Kart DS (I think I'll upgrade to 3DS later in the year). Whilst doing it though, I was listening to Paul Simon's Songwriter compilation. It's his own personal selection of what he feels is his best work. So it leans towards lesser known album tracks and the like. Consequently there's no You Can Call Me Al or 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. For me I really liked that though. Truthfully I know none of his albums after The Rhythm Of The Saints really, which made the majority of disc two especially interesting. I have to say I loved it as a compilation -  it was just as varied as I would expect from Paul Simon. My new found favourites being Quality, Train In The Distance, Hearts and Bones and Look At That. Honestly - I can see myself becoming more of a fan of his 80s/90s/00's albums than his 70s ones. I mean I still really like his 70s solo material - it's just I love the eclectism of that second disc especially. We shall see though.

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