Friday, 19 July 2013

The Clash on Fridays (In awesome quality)

A brief post for you tonight readers. I actually wasn't planning on making any more new posts tonight but I did find an utter gem that I felt needed to be shared. Well, it's merely the band's historic performance at Fridays. Historic obviously because it was their first US public TV appearance. The content is hardly going to be new to fans but what makes this exceptional is the picture quality. It's by far and away the best quality I've seen for these performances. I know Guns Of Brixton got a live release on the Revolution Rock DVD but I've never seen the rest of the performance in DVD quality. The Youtube video description states the original source of this video is a very rare Sony Inhouse VHS tape. I can only imagine what other Clash recordings lie in the faults therefore. Hopefully some of it shall see official release. As for the Fridays performance, all the other videos I've seen of it have had lacklusture picture quality and muddy sound. This sounds and looks crystal clear. It's great because I can finally view one of my all time favourite Clash performances in the quality it deserves. I found this because I was drafting a post about the performance of London Calling from this set, and I was searching for a video of the performance to embed in the post. Whilst doing so, I stumbled across this particular recording. I'll post that tomorrow most likely but I really hope you all enjoy this treasure!

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