Monday, 22 July 2013

Today's album testing

Evening all, just before I get on with the task of drafting new reviews and posting new ones I listened to two new albums today, and I want to share my first impressions of them with you.

Firstly, we had Blondie's eponymous debut record. I have to admit, I wasn't fussed on the opening two tracks whatsoever. To the point were I thought to myself "Oh dear if the album stays at this quality I won't like it". Thankfully, it didn't - it improved rather considerably actually. I particularly liked In The Sun, Rip Her To Shreds and The Attack Of The Giant Ants. The latter track in particular was really rather quirky, which I liked. I must admit that it is probably their weakest album that I've heard so far - more to do with the fact that something has to be assigned that position in a ranking of quality. I definitely do prefer the experimental side they'd develop in their subsequent albums. It's much the same view I have of The Clash really. Anyhow, after a rather bland start it did pick up a lot for me!

Now, for another album from this year that I've only got round to listening too now. I must confess: truth be told I didn't hear the final three songs, even if I have already heard Dresden before. Damn tiredness took a hold on me - so much so I had to go straight asleep again. I was exhausted. Anyhow, to be honest I'm not in any great rush to listen to the last three songs. I mean don't get me wrong - it was perfectly listenable - but for me Metroland remains the best track on the album by a landslide. And I loved Metroland. If all the tracks were of the same quality I'd buy it no question. Sadly, the only other track I can see myself listening too is The Future Will Be Silent. It was listenable music but rather formulaic, and to be honest I thought it was pretty dated too. I have to admit, I was disappointed.

So I guess a pretty mixed day for album testing all round, although you can't like everything you hear though I guess. In the meantime I'm finally going to get round to some proper reviewing. I'll see you soon!

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