Saturday, 29 June 2013

Another Fleetwood Mac Documentary.

I had a day off from blogging yesterday, it's good to have days like that. I was meant to go into town and pick up two New Order albums: Movement and Lost Sirens but alias I decided not to. I'm going in this week instead. Also, last night I watched a Paul Simon Omnibus special. I have to say I really liked it - although I can't seem to locate it online to share with you.

What I can share with you however is what I've just finished watching. It's another Fleetwood Mac documentary. It's entitled Don't Stop and was broadcast on the BBC originally in 2009. This documentary I really liked, much more so than Behind The Music. Not least because it covered all their albums in more depth: including Mirage and Tango In The Night. It was especially interesting to see how in some ways the Buckingham/Nicks relationship was still rather tense even in 2009. The footage of them recording Tusk was also really interesting (I really need to watch their Tusk documentary). I highly recommend this documentary in all honesty!

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