Wednesday, 26 June 2013

First Impressions: Simon & Garfunkel Miami 1969 (bootleg)

The other new piece of music that I listened to today, it's a bootleg. It also can be found under the title Back To College. It's a recording of Simon & Garfunkel at the Miami University in 1969. It's just prior to the release of their final album, Bridge Over Troubled Water. I'd heard so many great things about this particular show - that it was one of the best concerts they ever did - so I was keen to find it. I actually found it along with another bootleg I've been long searching for: The Clash at Bond's Casino. Anyhow, I listened to the show in full earlier. It was incredible. Just so very good. They actually were playing with a band onstage, which was something I hadn't heard before. Not with one of their older shows at least. Best of all, some of the songs sounded even better live. A particular example of that being So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright. The show not only boasts truly exceptional sound quality (it sounds like an official release) but it's also a true treasure listening to an older show of Simon & Garfunkel. I honestly never thought I'd be able to hear something like this! Being able to hear their between songs chat with the audience and in particular Art's introduction of Bridge Over Troubled Water was fantastic. It's truly one of the best experiences I've ever had with bootleg and it's one of the few bootlegs I can truly say is an essential listening experience. Once I brush up on my Simon & Garfunkel I'll be sure to post a proper review of this bootleg. Although it comes highly, highly recommended!

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