Sunday, 23 June 2013

Madonna - I'm Addicted

I guess I'm having a Madonna revival at the moment. She's one of my favourite artists so she's never truely went away.  She's always been a heavy feature on my music listening. With the MDNA tour being premiered though I'm definitely going through a period of particularly more concentrated listening. Yesterday, I listened to MDNA in full for the first time in a few months. I think MDNA is better than critics and some fans have given it credit for really. I actually like (at the very least) pretty much all of the songs on it. One song in particular hit me definitely yesterday though. I had always liked I'm Addicted, but yesterday I grew to fully love it. Now - I might consider it one of her best songs in recent years, if not ever! I'm Addicted was produced by Benny Benassi. It was one of a set of demos Madonna recorded in London with Benassi, and these sessions, where Girls Gone Wild and Best Friend developing from these sessions. Lyrically, it's essentially pretty self explanatory - the narrator is addicted to love. and makes continual references to MDMA, or what most people refer to as ecstasy.  Some of the lyrics actually remind me a little bit of Like A Prayer too, and the act of prayer is referenced in the song too. With the repeated chants of MDMA at the end you'd be forgiven for referring to I'm Addicted as the sort of title track of MDNA. It's not the track on MDNA with the most depth, but it does have an addicting (ahem) arrangement. It's got quiet verses and a chorus that is quite frankly bananas - in the best possible way.  It's a bit like Calvin Harris meets Confessions On A Dancefloor, particularly in the instrumental breakdown. It's very loud, and sounds like it was just made for a dancefloor with the loudest set of speakers you could imagine! At first listen - I thought it was too crazy. Like, there's so much going on. And it just gets more berserk as it continues too. The song just builds and builds until it bows out with a thrilling climatic chant of "MDMA MDMA" which lasts for around the last minute or so. It's by far and away the brashest and most in your face moment of MDNA. So in your face in fact that it would have been a killer lead single. It's one of the songs on MDNA that is also about being loose, carefree and just having fun in love (it was made for the dancefloor after all). Crucially though, it sounds quintessentially Madonna in a way that Gimme All Your Luvin and Turn Up The Radio don't. It's one of the biggest missed singles opportunities in her career I think, along with Impressive Instant from Music. I'm just glad it was included on the MDNA tour though. An epic song that deserved an epic video!

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