Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Pet Shop Boys interview & song!

Yesterday there was an exciting post made on the Popjustice website - a lengthy interview with Neil Tennant and they unveiled a new track (in full) from Electric! This time, the track is Inside A Dream. I have to say I think the song is superb. It's got bells in it, which already makes it a much more interesting song than Vocal to my ears. An extra musical layer of depth, if you will (does that sound pretentious?). Vocal just sounded too generic for me, but Inside A Dream sounds more experimental. Sadly, there's only so much I can say about it listening to a fairly poor sound quality version of the track. I can't make out many of the lyrics at all because the quality of the recording is pretty poor really. I'm sure it will be more audible on Electric.

It's crazy to think we've now actually heard pretty much all of the Electric tracks! In fact, I'm fairly sure the only two that haven't been heard at all are Bolshy and Shouting In The Evening. Most of the other tracks have now been heard in a live capacity. And in the case of Vocal, Axis, Fluorescent (albeit in a teaser) and now Inside A Dream: their studio versions have been heard. I've been avoiding live footage though because I want to enjoy the album properly when I get it. So I've not actually heard Thursday, or Love Is A Bourgeois Construct at all. I have to say Electric is shaping up very nicely indeed though.

Although take the time to read the interview - it's utterly hilarious in places and very informative. Particularly concerning their reasons and logic behind releasing a new album so soon. The link is below (and Inside A Dream is on the same page as the interview). So click the link and enjoy!

Interview & Track are here!

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