Thursday, 6 June 2013

Breaking news: MDNA Tour DVD/Bluray release date announced!!

This has been a release that's long been on the horizon, but now we finally have a release date! The MDNA DVD and Bluray will be getting released on August 27th for US, with a global release on August 26th. The much rumored date was September, so I was expecting it to come it around the time of The Clash's Sound System boxset. As it stands it comes out 14 days before. It'll certainly be an expensive period - I'm just grateful there'll almost certainly be none of my other favorite artists releasing new music during that time. Anyhow - that's all off topic. I don't own that many music DVDs in all honesty, but new Madonna tour DVDs I always get majorly excited for because she's my favorite female solo artist of all time, and also because I feel her modern tours are perhaps even better than her earlier tours (Blonde Ambition aside). I haven't even seen that much of 2012's MDNA Tour bar a poor quality video of the opening of the show and the infamous Express Yourself/Born This Way/She's Not Me mash-up. As you can tell I didn't attend a show in person unfortunately - the idea was discussed for attending the Dublin show but as any Madonna fan will tell you, her shows do not come cheap at the best of time and costs to see her for me are only increased because I have to travel substantially to make it to Dublin - she doesn't play in my home city of Belfast. I technically have to go into another country to see her actually (it's this reason why attending shows for me is a rarity in general). In any case - the reviews for the MDNA tour were incredibly positive and I expect nothing less than (yet another) stunning show from Madonna. As far as I'm aware, no live CD will accompany this release (like Sticky & Sweet and Confessions had) but I don't mind: its becoming increasingly more straightforward to convert DVD audio into .mp3 format. The official article doesn't mention any bonus features but I would expect there to be something at least, if not I'd have to say I'd be disappointed. In any case - I cannot wait for this!

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