Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Documentary First Impressions: Madonna - I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

So, as you all know I've decided to withdraw watching the MDNA Epix broadcast so I can savior the blu-ray release fully at the end of August. In saying that, I did have a Madonna DVD I owned but hadn't watched yet - I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. It's a documentary which follows Madonna on her Reinvention Tour. If you recall, I got it at the record fair about two months ago. I gotta say, it was a really good documentary. It's done in a very similar style to the Blonde Ambition Tour documentation In Bed With Madonna: black and white behind the scenes footage interspersed with color performance footage. Sadly - a lot of the performance footage was incomplete. It was superbly edited though. I just wish a complete recording of the show was officially released. Thankfully - the full show is in circulation. What I loved about the documentary is you can clearly see how she's grown as a person since In Bed With Madonna. We see a lady in I'm Going To Tell You a Secret firmly in touch with spirituality. It makes for a documentary that really makes you think away from all the gloss of a tour. And Madonna comes across as such a warm person, especially with her kids. And she can be very funny. You can also see how dedicated she is to her work - and how motherly she is with her dancers. It's really very admirable indeed. Say what you like about her, but you cannot doubt her commitment to her art. A great documentary that is well worth watching!

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