Thursday, 27 June 2013

New purchases.

A post I was in the midst of writing last night. Alias - I had a bit of a headache so I decided to turn the laptop off early. I did another Amazon order and they've all arrived now! I've actually done a second seperate order too, they should arrive sometime next week. Anyhow, back to this one. From left to right I got Electronic - Electronic (2013 remastered edition); The 101ers - Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited and David Bowie - Outside. I've got a few new albums that I need to get, but a special edition of Electronic's self titled debut (one of my favourite ever albums) was the most essential for me. I had really wanted Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited for a while because I do love the 101ers songs that I have heard. As for Outside, it's actually one of my favorite David Bowie albums that I've heard so far. Not least because it boasts one of my favourite Bowie songs: A Small Plot of Land.`Looking forward to finally listening to a physical copy of these!

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