Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New music: New MIA song.

Afternoon all, I was writing this last night but I was distracted all day with news coverage. It's a strange few days here in Northern Ireland. The G8 Summit is being held in Fermanagh (about two hours from Belfast) meaning that President Obama is also visiting. All eyes have been on Obama really, not least because it's his first Northern Irish visit. The security operation here is mammoth because he did make a brief stop in Belfast yesterday prior to the G8 to make a speech in the Waterfront Hall. I must admit - I do like Obama. At least as a speaker and (from what I've seen of him) as a person. I'm not here to discuss politics and I won't even attempt it: I don't know enough about the subject for that. What I do feel strongly though is that it's certainly good for the image of Northern Ireland for us to stage such an important event. This sort of thing seemed like an inconcievable idea not all that long ago. Personally, I hope that it serves as a positive remainder of how far we've come whilst yet serving as strong motivation why it's vital we continue to pull together to make Northern Ireland a brighter and more peaceful place for all. It can be done.

So now that's out of the way we can move on to the actual point of this post. It's a new MIA song from her upcoming album Matangi. As far as I know, there's still been no release date announced although I hope it's out soon. The song itself is called Bring The Noize. I must admit, I do like MIA rather a lot, but this song I'm just not liking much at all. Maybe it's just because the first time I heard it I was exhausted and my mentally drained brain couldn't follow two episodes of American Dad let alone comprehend something like this. MIA can be challenging listening sometimes for me, even though I do like her a lot.  So, what's putting me off Bring The Noize? I know a signature trademark of her music is very much a wall of sound approach... but this seems to lack no discernible melody or even much in the way of structure. I do own Kala and really like it, and I really liked her last album; both of which do contain tracks that are harder to listen to for me. She has said Matangi sounds like "Paul Simon on acid" which sounds intriguing to say the least. Bring The Noize sounds nothing like Paul Simon though at all so I'll be interested to see how the album pans out.

That's my short and sweet post for the moment - I've still got drafting I want to do today and I need to get caught up on another post and publish it as soon as too. Until then, the final three episodes of Dexter await for me, hopefully I'll be back later!

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