Saturday, 22 June 2013

Collecting: Posters arrived!

Regular readers to the blog may recall I mentioned recently that a relative had purchased two posters of The Clash and Joy Division for me as a surprise gift. Well, they're here! I absolutely love them - they're both two of my favourite images of each band. They're also my first posters of each band. I'd been looking all over for some posters in Belfast. As you could guess, no luck. I'll be sure to get them up as soon as possible - I have to fix the posters on the two walls I designate as poster walls in my room. The Joy Division poster is really big and will probably have to go on the one that's not above my bed, but The Clash one should fit above my bed. It's great timing too - I'm taking a picture of my Joy Division collection tonight so I can blog about it in the coming days. It's not the only items I'm expecting either. A few days ago I ordered The 101ers Elgin Avenue Breakdown, David Bowie's Outside and the recently released special edition of Electronic's self titled debut. I'll post them on my blog when they get here!

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