Monday, 24 June 2013

The Killers at Wembley: The Nine Year Fandom Reflection

Hello all, a brief post here for you. So, Saturday was a momentous day in the world of Killers fandom. They've played their first ever stadium date in Wembley stadium - arguably the pinnacle of their career thus far. To commemorate such an event they've created a new composition. Simply titled Wembley Song it's an ode to the great acts that have played her previously including Queen, Madonna and Fleetwood Mac. There's a host of others cited in the song too. It's a pleasant song, but the song isn't what matters here. Let's focus in on the fact that they've just played Wembley Stadium. Wembley. Stadium. At only four albums in - no mean feat. I've been a Killers fan for nine years: since 2004. At the young age of ten years old, they were impossibly cool. More importantly, they were my first in music. My first band, Brandon Flowers my first serious celebrity crush and Hot Fuss the first album I loved. They were the first band I obsessed over. They made me interested in the 80s, in retro music in general, and synthesizers. If I made a family tree style diagram charting my musical tastes over the years, The Killers would firmly be at the root of it all. They are simply the most important artist in my musical development. I've grown in so many ways in those nine years just as they have. I've seen them grow and improve as musicians. Seeing them grow so much they're now one of the biggest bands in the world... that makes me unbelievably happy. And their albums have been a constant sound-tracking to my own developments. Seeing them play Wembley has made me reflect - I'm fast approaching the six year anniversary of the first time I saw them live. Their first Northern Irish date. I can still remember that day so clearly - most of all the initial shock when the lights went down and I saw them standing there. It was them, really them. In front of me. After three years of being a fan, it was the peak of it all. And I know that some fans at Wembley will have just witnessed them live for the first time. I hope you all had the most magic of times and may you all continue to see them live again and again. It certainly looked like a special night. It's been an honor and a privilege seeing this band grow from humble beginnings to worldwide superstars, and I'm blessed to still be a part of the journey. Next year is a milestone year for me: 20 years of being alive and 10 years of Killers fandom. That means The Killers have been an integral part of half of my life. I wouldn't change that for anything. Brandon, Dave, Mark & Ronnie - I thank the four of you wholeheartedly for all you've done for me. May you continue to enrich our lives with brilliant music for many more years to come!

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