Sunday, 16 June 2013

New album I heard today: Capitial Cities debut

Evening all once again from Belfast. It's after midnight here so I'll be shutting my laptop down soon for the night so I can get stuck into Entourage (I've never seen it before). Then it's back to Heavier than Heaven for some reading. With a bit of self discipline I should be able to finish the Kurt Cobin biography this week because I've been so lazy with it. I've also watched a concert and documentary tonight too but they'll have to wait until tomorrow - I'm starting to get tired.

Another thing I've been very lazy this week with also is testing out new albums. You can blame Dexter for that - I've just started the third season but damn that second season was incredible. Remember that list of new releases I needed to check out? I'm still hopelessly behind with them. I'm only going to get more behind too most probably. That aside - I did manage to hear one new album today. That being In A Tidal Wave of Mystery. It's the debut album by indie/synthpop group Capital Cities. I heard of Capital Cities thanks to a good friend of mine, this was a few months ago. I heard their song Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast and I was looking forward to their debut album. It's a really good album too, and I recommend it. They don't seem to be very big at all, although this album may just change that. A lot of the synthwork echoed Goldrapp's most recent album Head First for me, although the album is a lot quirkier than Head First. They also sound a good bit like Chromeo too. My favourite tracks are Farrah Fawcet Hair, Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast and I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo. Like I said earlier, well worth checking out if you like that indietronica style!

So that's my short and sweet post done. As tomorrow is Sunday (well for me it technically already is), you can expect my usual Sound Of The Week post, plus what I watched today. I also have a post that I drafted earlier which I might post, and I have another two albums I want to start writing about. Until then and as we're now technically into Sunday (in UK) - happy Fathers Day!

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