Thursday, 6 June 2013

Soundsystem: New picture unveiled

And whilst I'm on the subject of upcoming releases, yesterday The Clash official Facebook page uploaded this rather exciting picture. It's the first glimpse inside the actual box, animated videos aside.  As you probably already know, I'm hugely excited for this release and this has just increased that excitement tenfold. I'm especially interested to see how the rest of the box is packaged: you can't see where the poster tube is stored for instance. It's been interesting reading the debate the boxset has caused fans over the past few weeks with regards to pricing, what it contains and what it omits etc. For me, the boxset contains enough to warrant its admittedly hefty price. Although my age is a big factor in that - I don't collect vinyl so I don't have a single Clash vinyl. My family don't have any either. The vinyl replica package is little more than a gimmick (probably) to most long term fans but it suits me. Ditto for the reprintals of the Armagideon Times - admittedly its nothing rare to a long term fan but for me the chances of me ever seeing these otherwise is next to nothing because they're rare now. Even the badges, stickers and stuff are things that are really not that common to find in Belfast - even more so for groups like The Clash. It's definitely a big price tag and the arguments about how ethical the price tag is given what The Clash stood for is one that carries a lot of credit... I just think this is going to be very much up to the individual fan with regards to what they buy. For me, the correct decision is to buy it. Its one of the rare opportunities I'll have to get excited about an upcoming Clash release, even if one certain Joe Strummer will always be missing. Nevertheless, I'm still organizing my money at the moment to purchase this on release!

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