Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Four years ago today....

It's hard to believe it's already been four years since Michael Jackson's untimely death. A very sad and shocking day in musical history. I come from a family of life-long MJ fans. Seriously - my family have pretty diverse musical tastes. Like really diverse. Yet we're all very big fans of Michael Jackson. I'd have to say he's my favourite male solo artist, and my favourite solo artist ever along with Madonna. In fact - only myself and one younger cousin have never witnessed Michael Jackson live. The rest of all my family all attended various dates of the Bad and Dangerous tours. And my house still has old VHS tapes of Moonwalker, Making Michael Jackson's Thriller etc. Completely battered of course due to age and sheer usage but that's part of the charm.The two tour programmes that we have in the house of the Bad & Dangerous tours are two of my most prized musical possessions even though I wasn't born until 1994. Honestly, his music has been such a constant in our family, since well before I was even born. And even in death that continues to be the case very much so. And it shall always remain that way. RIP <3

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