Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Supporting Strummerville: An Update

Another follow on post as such. Regular visitors to my blog will remember a very excited in tone post I made last Thursday as I had finally been able to order my first Joe Strummer T-shirt, which came from the Strummerville charity (along with some postcards). Sadly, there's been a little misunderstanding and for one reason or another I won't be receiving my shirt - the exact reason I won't know until I've heard back from the company that run the Strummerville shop, but its been refunded nevertheless. I have a sneaking suspicion it's to do with stock availability, but we shall see. At first it seemed to suggest my whole order was cancelled but an email I received earlier confirmed the postcards have been dispatched and should be here roughly in no more than three days. It's no problem though, it's just a mix-up that happens in life and I will have no qualms about repurchasing a shirt once I get further clarification (which should be tomorrow or Thursday). It's actually strangely beneficial because (and this is a bizarre coincidence) both my local record store and Amazon have dropped The Smiths Complete boxset down to the bargain price of £25. I've never seen it that low and it's something I've been after for an age: once I heard of it's release I deliberately held off purchasing any Smiths studio albums. I've only got the standard edition of The Sound Of The Smiths at the moment. So at the end of the week I'll definitely be getting that. As for my much mentioned collection photo of The Clash and related groups, that will still happen as originally planned. I probably won't purchase any shirt for another few weeks yet at least because I do need to save money so its pointless delaying it until then. But because I'm purchasing Joe Strummer & The Mescalero's first album and The Clash US at the end of the week I'm still going to need to wait until they're here: there will be no collection photo until they get here which will be next Wednesday or so. Until then, I still have a lot of posts to get through - tomorrow in particular looks to be a busy day for blogging for me!

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