Friday, 7 June 2013

Suprise hit: Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted

I love electronic music (if that wasn't already obvious), but I must admit that industrial style music wouldn't be a sub genre that I listen to at all. In saying that - Nine Inch Nails have been recommended to me before (in particular Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine), so when the same person recommended I check out their new single which was just unveiled yesterday I was rather interested. I don't know many songs of Nine Inch Nails, and whilst I've quite liked the ones I do know I did have slight qualms that on the whole their style of music might be too heavy for me. In saying that when I listened to Came Back Haunted yesterday I was floored - so much so I've listened to it about ten times in two days and listened to it about five times on a loop! It's the first single from the upcoming Hesitation Marks album which is due to land on September 3rd. It's  definitely more electronic as opposed to the more heavy rock style I thought Nine Inch Nails were known for. Alias, it looks like I was wrong there. Already end of August/start of September is shaping up to be a busy month for me with Madonna's MDNA tour DVD, The Clash's Soundsystem boxset and now Nine Inch Nails. They're also playing Belfast's Belsonic festival at the end of August... if I like their albums enough when I check them out I won't rule out a ticket for them, but that's very much something that needs to be decided. In any case, Came Back Haunted is probably my favourite single of the year so far!

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