Sunday, 16 June 2013

Saturday night viewing (a day late)

Afternoon everyone and I hope all my UK readers are enjoying Father's Day. I've already given my Dad his gifts: a Tom Petty live collection as well as Paul Simon's Songbook. I must admit I'll definitely borrow his copy of Songbook so I can rip it to my hardrive.

Anyhow, last night I was feeling lazy and didn't bother my backside to share with you the two things I watched. First, we have the concert. Well concert implies it's of any great lenght, which frankly it's not. It's Simon & Garfunkel's brief set at the Kraft Music Hall, which aired in January 1968. They perform seven songs in a twenty minute set. This is actually the show that contains my favourite version of For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her. I also far prefer the version of Patterns here to the studio version. In general, this has to be Simon & Garfunkel at the peak of their powers. This performance is pretty much faultless, and I seldom use that word. Also, I've even seen some gorgeous colour footage of their performance of The Sounds Of Silence from this show. I've never seen any of the other performances in colour though but I'd love to. I don't think this has seen an official release actually, but I really hope it does in the future!

The documentary I watched was especially fascinating. Finally getting The Smiths Complete has made my interest in The Smiths and Morrissey resurge, and I finally watched my first documentary (shocking) on Morrissy last night. This is called The Importance of Being Morrissey and it aired in 2002 in the UK on Channel 4. It's fascinating not least because it contains interviews with Morrissey himself and even shows you inside his LA home. It also features J.K Rowling, Kathy Burke and Noel Gallagher (amongst others) being interviewed. The highlight for me was the incredible footage of him
 with David Bowie, but really the whole documentary is essential viewing for fans. Watching it, I actually felt he came across a lot better than I expected him too. Not to mention he's incredibly intelligent and just a very interesting man in general. Definitely something I really recommend people to watch!

So that's it for last night's viewing, and all being well I should be able to watch more stuff later. I'll be back later with my sound of the week post though!

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